Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A new adventure

As everybody knows at this point, my - hopefully growing - family and I are going to start a new adventure in the new year. The new adventure will have the taste of the far west, cowboys, buffaloes, big hats, rockets and all the cliche you can possibly think of.
Now, here comes the question: should I start a new blog dedicated to my future adventurous (?!?!?) life outside my role of 3-times mum/mom or not?
In other words, should 'The storm and the rainbow' remain a mum orientated blog or spread the wings to a world of bullshit that I am probably gonna be experiencing soon enough?
And... should I write in Italian, my mother tongue, or stick to my very incorrect English which however can be read by a bunch of good friends all over the world?

If my blog was one of those blogs with tons of comments, I would open a pool, but given the nobody usually write a single world I guess I'll take a decision ASAP and let you guys know.
Once again, watch this space.