Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Lettere ai tempi del coronavirus - I

March 3rd:
Trump: holy shit I might actually die, let’s ban all travels to Europe except for our British buddies.
Uk: mate, let’s go all darwinians! You know... immunity... antibodies... stuff... people will get it anyway, why bother. ‘Britons, get ready to loose some loved ones while we don’t do shit’
Trump: holy shit! I was instructed to take one good decision, now these assholes make me look even more of a dumbass. Let’s ban all travels to the UK too.

This is better than a comic book. Poor man, I feel for him. He doesn’t know how to handle normal business, let alone the plague!

March 16th:
Now it's time for realism. Kids will not go back to school any time soon, we will not go back to normal work routines for a few weeks (months?), our lives are upside down and stay this way for a while. Now it's time for planning, not panicking. One task at the time, while we try to reorganize our daily routine in this strange new normal. We can totally do it.

March 19th:
I have never been more proud of being a scientist.
Keep going, fellow virologists, show the world who deserves to be treated like a celebrity.

March 21st:
This coronavirus is giving the first world a much needed reality check

March 23rd:
Trump: America is great, the FDA is great, the FDA approved THE CURE for COVID-19, thanks to me. They did a great job. It's cheapest cheap, everyone can have it (maybe, if I feel enough of a socialist)
Han (FDA Commissioner) 2 sec later: Ehm... NOPE. HARD NOPE. The FDA has expedited a large clinical trial to see if this drug has ANY effect, in the first place, Mr President.
Like... scolded by Han on national TV. He so much wants to play hero but, truly, he has no fucking clue.

March 24th:
lesson I am learning from this COVID19 crisis, some good some bad:
-we are a freaking entitled society
-people start to realize they have to listen to experts: science has been many steps ahead on this crisis and it's gone unheard until it was too late (Italy is an example)
-scientists need to reclaim their role in society
-people start to realize that money doesn't buy you immunity to viruses
-entitled white old asshole is taking reasonable steps ONLY because his white fat ass is at risk
-kids can be left alone in the kitchen for hours and... they make you pancakes.