Monday, 2 December 2013

First day

First day as a Stay At Home Mum. It feels so strange and alien that I'm not sure how I'm going to react. Maternity leave was different. That was a break, intense and wonderful, with the certainty I was going back to my job, my salary, my 'normal' life. It was like a long holiday.
Now I feel a bit in the middle of nowhere, with a move to deal with, a baby to have in an unfamiliar country, and a job eventually to find. I should probably take it easy. Maybe I will, in a few days, when I'll be adjusted to this new life.
Bianca asked me about the nursery. She knows she is not going to go back and I fear she doesn't like the option. I've tried to explain her that the two of us are going to experience a real adventure together in the next few months, but I guess she would appreciate more her friends and old good routine. Now she is asleep and I'm writing. Tomorrow I have to think up something to fill up the day. What a weird concept! So unfamiliar, so overwhelming...