Thursday, 10 April 2014

Southern hospitality

I'm impressed by the kindness of these people. I mentioned to the director of Bianca's school that my stuff could possibly not arrive on time for baby.
The day after I had found EVERYTHING I need and more, because many parents mailed me and offered items they no longer use.
So in less than 10 days, we've gone from not having a clue to be very ready to welcome babyboy (who actually got also a name) in the world.


  1. Dai bello Fede!
    Ma sono anche cristiani abbestia o è solo una mia idea dovuta ai telefilm?

  2. allo stesso modo in cui tutti gli italiani vanno in piazza san pietro la domenica con un mandolino in mano :)

  3. Ok, mi son fatta fuorviare dalla mamma di Sheldon Cooper...