Monday, 17 March 2014

My life in Texas - part 1

How is this Italian old girl, almost naturalised British, feeling about her new life in Texas is something everybody is wondering about.
The truth is 'I don't know'. It's too early, too different, too weird. I'm too tired, too pregnant, too inert.
So I guess I can attempt to fill up a list of pros and cons of this new life/country and get on from there.

- the weather (although today is a bit chilly)
- the taste of fruits/vegs (they actually HAVE a taste, which I had kinda forgotten)
- the water distributor built on my fridge
- 10-15 min to reach everything (by car/no parking problems)
- all that is cool in this city is at bike distance from our new home (once I'll be able to ride a bike again)

- I cannot find the city centre
- there is not a nice walk from home to an interesting point
- I am supposed to pay for absolutely everything or if something free of charge actually exists I haven't found it yet?
- the accent
- the fact that B and babyboy will get this accent
- I'm lonely lonely lonely (expected obviously, not such an idiot to think otherwise, nevertheless annoying).

Let's see where I'm going from here. At least all the admin stuff is done and I just have to wait for cards to arrive and things to happen.


  1. Glad you are at least a bit settled. I'm still filling out customs forms and insurance forms. I feel like I'm in admin hell. I'm sure once we are in Florida and the dust settles I will feel quite lonely so I'm sorry you are feeling that way.

    I still haven't found my doctor but basically you have to go with one that is covered by your medical insurance. Most insurance companies have websites where you can look up a doctor in your area. So I have gone on my insurance company website to find the names of doctors close to where I think I'm going to live. The next step is to contact them and make an appointment but I haven't done that yet.

    My pregnancy is high risk due to my history of stillbirth so I'm assuming yours it as well. So in America you want to find a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist (MFM), not just a regular obstetrician. That way you make sure you get a doctor who has specialized training in high risk pregnancies.

    I hope this helps a bit.

    1. This was very helpful. I have found a OBG and made an appointment with the nurse. Let's see how it goes. I'm strangely very calm (prob crazy) so I want to stay calm and go with the flow and hope that everything is going in the normal way. Babyboy is active and Bianca is lovely. She is at nursery now... I'm sure you'll be well in in Florida! a) it's Florida!! b) it's your country! feel free to mail me if you feel lonely. Not sure which is the best way to stay in touch but we can easily use the blogs. :)