Friday, 4 July 2014

My first 4th of July

I'm here. Sitting under my huge canopy which only beaches like in the USA can take into consideration. We are in south Patre Island on a beautiful beach very Sardinia-like, only over 10 times longer. Kids both asleep and I have time for a little post after our first few days of adventure (like Bianca calls it). It's challenging but fun and I have no regrets whatsoever to have drag them in my type of holiday although a little more organized and family friendly.

But anyway it's the 4th of July and it doesn't go silent. I'm surrounded by American flags, Americans wearing American flags, canopies and umbrellas with American and/or Texas flags imprinted and two dogs painted in blue white and red.  

And you know what's funny about it? I love it! These people are so proud to be American to wear a flag and then... they talk to you in Spanish anyway. And hey I have my American flag too, on my beach bag, so I'm totally integrated now. 

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  1. poor dogs...but i understand you, I feel exactly the same about all the Swedish flags that surround me on various occasions. It's fun in a way I had not anticipated. Have a great holiday!