Sunday, 4 May 2014

Miss Europe

Yep, I must admit it. I bloody miss London, my friends, the vibe and inputs of the City I called home for such a long time.
And I must admit I bloody miss Florence, too. I barely remember how it was living there but sometimes memories come back when I read an article or a friend Facebook status.
Twice I was perfectly integrated and overall happy and twice I left.

We have a quite intimate lifestyle here. We know very few people and very often it's just the four of us trying to make sense of our lives. Everyone struggles for its own reasons: John with work,  future directions and having a almost three years old daughter which acts as a teenager; me with my issues of a high educated professional all of the sudden become a SAHM; Bianca with school, new friends, deciding if she's Elsa or Anna and her new role as big sister and Fabio with boobs, hiccups and poos (he is the one in the best position so far).

I know that things will get better in time, once we have friends and we'll have found our place. But for now it is a bit sad and a bit hard and sometimes I question if this was worth it after all.

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