Monday, 12 May 2014

One of those weekends

spent entirely at home to reorganize pointless items arrived with our 58 boxes from London. My favoured weekends...
A nice 39+ C fever on top of this.
So I can now count a grumpy unwell little girl tearful most of the time, a hungry newborn which does what newborns do: preventing me to sleep properly, an hysterical husband who is trying to rationalise why that pair acts as they act and a house which looks like the scenario of a bomb explosion.
Now little girl is asleep, newborn is asleep, husband is relaxing at his computer. I'm left with the mess. And instead of tiding up, I chose to write this post. Fuck yeah!

Little girl awake: end of peace!

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  1. Dai Fede coraggio e ricorda "he is born! The worst is over!"