Wednesday, 29 January 2014

2 months as a SAHM

After two months of full time mum life and almost one month of full time single mum life, I can safely say I am a little more a mum and a little less myself.

What I cannot do anymore:
- keep concentration in reading something for more than 5 minutes
- formulate an adult though
- probably speak an adult language
- have an opinion on something deeper than a cartoon
- working from home (ahahah)

What I learnt and can do (just about)
- spend a WHOLE day home without driving myself mad
- improvise a game which allows me to have a sort of basic conversation with a friend
- cook quickly decent meals
- rest while the devil toddler rests (and not trying to do things in the house)

Don't get me wrong... I'm still not very gifted and wish I was more resourceful, but I feel I'm improving a bit as a stay at home mum... just in time to put Bi at nursery again!

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