Saturday, 5 July 2014

Stay away from Executive Inn - Port Isabel (S Patre Island)

Our first real bad experience...
The original plan was to spend three days in Port Aransas, come back to Houston and get ready for the rest of the trip north. Port Aransas was a bit of a disappointment because the beach was dirty, full of seaweeds and too windy for the kids. So we decided to stay only two nights and drive down to South Patre Island, allegedly the best seaside place in Texas. And so it was. White sand, blue sea, clean and breezy beach several miles long. We got organized and decided to extend our stay for the whole weekend. Only this was the weekend of the 4th of July and apparently everybody had decided to go to the beach. Result was that prices were RIDICULOUSLY CRAZY but everywhere was anyway full booked. We were staying at a Motel 6 but failed to confirm our extension in time so we had to book somewhere else. After a deep analysis of pros and cons, we resolved to book at Executive Inn at Port Isabel, only 20 min away from the beach, for a stunning 275$ + taxes per night. But hey, we were loving it and life is short and eventually it was the cheapest place we could find (incredible I know).
So yesterday, after a beautiful day on the beach and lots of fun watching people, we went to check in and... fist thing I got was a fucking cockroach on me. That was fucking gross and off I went to complain and the guy at reception asked me what was he supposed to do with no apologies whatsoever. I replied, a bit in disbelief, that I wanted a deep cleaning the day after and went back in the room. Next thing we saw was a t-shirt of some other customer left in the shower... they had deeply cleaned the bathroom for sure, hadn't they? Then we went to open the water and the tap was broken.
Off we went to complain again and we decided to stay only one night and ask for a discount. We were offered 26$ out for 626$. They were clearly taking a piss exploiting the fact it was the 4th of July weekend and people were desperate for a roof.
In a not-so-great mood we went for dinner.
Tired and annoyed we went back in the room and TWO fucking cockroaches were happily crawling on the bed. That was it, I wasn't gonna sleep in that room with two small kids. I have traveled enough in shitty places to have slept with bugs around BUT I was paying a few dollars and not 313$ per night.
Refund was granted and we left.
We have been driving the whole night, except for a small stop-over in a rest area so I am pretty shattered by now, but I wanted to share this misadventure. NEVER pay for a budget (?) place without checking the room first. NEVER! 
Roll on Monday: destination Hilton Head (South Carolina)!

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