Wednesday, 27 August 2014


I feel I owe my not-italian readers an apology. All of the sudden I stopped writing in English and reverted to Italian and I'm sorry, because I know that some of you will not come here anymore.
I did it because I need to write. A lot. I need to put on paper emotions and random thoughts and various bullshits and sometimes English clips my wings.  English is not my mother tongue and yes, I'm fluent, but still it's not my language.
This blog was born as a bereavement blog. It was opened because I needed a place where I could feel comfortable to write how desperate I was. I wrote in English because I was grieving in England and I was sharing those awful moments with English mums.
My first blog was called 'Random stories' and it was in Italian. Since Jacopo died, my stories had not been random anymore so I closed that blog and opened this. Now, after four years, my stories are more random again and I'm not very comfortable in such a serious place. I need to be light and share unimportant things. I'm not what I was four years ago, but the new me is trying hard to put the last pieces together. Moreover, I need to reaffirm my roots, to remember where I come from in order to be able to teach it to my children. Maybe this starts with me being again able to fully express myself in Italian.
So, again, I'm sorry. I hope you'll keep coming here from time to time to see what's going on.


  1. I will.
    I like to see that you are expresing your feeling again.
    Always exit google translate!!!!.Not problem!!!
    I miss you.