Friday, 14 March 2014

How you get ready for your n-kid

Jacopo had everything ready months in advance.
Bianca had everything ready because she got Jacopo's things. They weren't in display until the very end for obvious reasons (house move included) but her clothes and stuff were there, ready to be used.
This one possesses nothing at all. All his siblings' stuff is lost between here and the UK and I'm not sure it will arrive on time. I just had one (ONE) babygro and one toy.
So yesterday I decided to take some action and to buy a few bits for a small hospital bag which at some point I have to decide to prepare. In principle I still have lots of time (namely more than a month) but you never know. So now this no-named new babyboy possesses 5 babygros, 2 sleepsuits and a pack of nappies (sorry diapers).
You're better off  staying put a bit longer babyboy!!

I wonder what will happen if I ever decide to have another baby? Will he walk naked until age 5?

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  1. You're right, our paths are on a similar path, I'm just a bit behind you. I've yet to find a doctor near my new home so you are definitely ahead of me on that point.