Saturday, 26 February 2011


There is something about living in the present that I'm starting to learn.
Life is too short for double thoughts and delays. So we are buying a flat, our first (I'm afraid of many) home. As owners of course, because the flat where I'm right now feels very much like home and I love it.
We are buying a flat even if we are pretty sure we're going to move in no more than 3 years time. We need to sort sort out the final formalities and we hope the deal will be concluded next week or so.
It's a fresh start and it feels very good.
There is something about living in the present without being afraid of too many ifs and buts that gives a burst of energy. We leant we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow the hardest way. I knew already, tho. Now the good news is: I'm not afraid anymore. F**k the fears, the potential problems, the unknown of tomorrow. If (that's the only "if" allowed) something's going wrong, we'll cross that bridge!

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  1. Ben detto! Ben fatto! Un ottimo modo per cambiare un po' di carte in tavola e ricomniciare.
    Nuovi rumori, nuova strada per andare a lavoro, nuovi gesti quotidiani.